Trailer unit 1830 mm wide 3350 mm long 6ft wide 11ft long storage unit

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Was asked if one would work on a trailer answer was they will sit anywhere here is the finished unit and its large 11ft long by 6ft wide

Please note we cant fabricate the trailer and the trailer configuration is for off-road use only Units are far too heavy to be used as regular trailers the main achievement is that such a heavy unit holds its shape others say they’re strong but then stipulate that they must be put on a level concrete base as they will flop around.

Cost-effective attractive secure storage that can be disassembled and taken with you if your circumstances change.

The boxes are designed to be right we started with 1.2mm galvanised steel (more information on galvanised) because it’s structurally sound we also double fold each seam and use high tensile nuts and bolts so can be relocated or sold on should your circumstances change.

We made a special unit and were surprised when the quality item that we produce actually works out cheaper than the stock 0.5mm plastic coated ones that are held together with self-tapping screws.

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Stylish and Secure and 

We assemble free of Charge, 0thers are charging £275

Welcome to the heavy weight division with our smallest units weighing over 34 stone made from 1.2mm galvanised steel nearly 3 times thicker than the plastic coated ones enabling us to use the heaviest locks, no amount of wind is going to put our units in a tree so strong they will stand on gravel or grass

Stylish and secure 

Weather proof and maintenance free
We can make any size you require
Price includes assembly
Supplied with single leverage locking handle please see security page for locks.
For Fort Knox type security your starting with the right box 1.2 mm galvanised steel (more information on galvanised) double folded seams and bolted together.
1.2 mm galvanised steel affordable heavy duty storage (competition does not give thickness of steel used its 0.5mm or 0.7mm)
Made by timed served fabricators who have gained city of guilds and btec nationals with distinctions

Create your own use full space secure and weatherproof

Want one a different size we can make boxes to your requirement we are friendly and accommodating
I have given my Mobile as its always to hand

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Call me on 07816786985
or Message me
email me: ArmadilloBoxes