6ft Motorcycle storage shed large motorcycle security motorbike storage scooter shed

Buy 6ft Motorcycle storage

a box you can be proud of not hide

Motorcycle secure sheds (Units) out of sight out of mind out of reach.


Insurance companies love security contact yours for premium discounts

Covers don’t really cut it once its wet its wet and offers no security and the bike is wrapped like a present, locks and chains work but again once they get wet they are a mess.  These units enhance your security good on the eye and so dam easy to use and just the right size that your rides not going to compete with the mower.

The boxes are designed to be right fully vented with wooden subfloor (on top of a metal floor) to protect tires. Proper nut and bolt construction means they can be relocated or sold on should your circumstances change (we assemble free of charge)

Other manufacturers have started with a cheap material (they don’t give thickness) and designed a work around, we started with 1.2mm galvanised steel (more information on galvanised) because its structurally sound we also double fold each seam, we were surprised and shocked when the quality item that we produce is comparable in price to the 0.5mm (1mm including the plastic coating) plastic coated ones that are held together with self-tapping screws or worse rivets.

With the average house costing £250,000 draw down on your valuable outside space


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