When it comes to motorcycles security is endless, Ground anchors chains alarms we dont want to dictate budgets but happy to advise, our units are made from 1.2mm galvanised steel so a great starting or ending point.

As a testament to our boxes (Mobility ones included) a motorcycle unit customer after considering all other sheds with an open budget decided to buy ours and leave box basically as standard but to fit an alarm CCTV and a ground anchor.

We don’t fit alarms we stick to cold hard steel, the alarm industry is ever changing and we wouldn’t want to be recommending last years tech.

We fit locking lever type handles for leverage of frail hands (mobility customers) made from die cast Magnesium for anti rust each having unique keys low security but its the beginning , the hinges are also die cast magnesium with hidden bolt configuration and anti tamper stainless steel pins bare in mind on single door units a thief has to go through the lock cutting hinges wont enable the door to open outwards to remove your ride, both are fine even for coastal locations.

If you need to ramp up the security we have high quality seven bolt fixing Hasp and staples ideal for the mobility scooter units (we don’t supply the padlock choice is endless) for the motorcycle units extra heavy duty anti bolt cutting van type locks.

Extra Security for Off site / City locations


We have taken the substantial van type locks to the next level to thwart/delay battery grinder attacks

For locations where a 115 decibel grinder doesn’t attract attention or the thief’s just don’t care

shot blasted and Powder coated to paint





shot blasted and Powder coated to paint

these can be retrofitted to any ArmadilloBoxes unit 

We can send free post for DIY fit

Or register your intrest for us to fit, we have to be in your area on an instal for us to pop in time and distance will be charged to cover costs 



Door Bars (Free upgrade)

These where an add on for off site units that require extra security we now fit as standard designed to be anti-grinder/cutter and to stop crow bar attacks earlier to stop them damaging the unit before giving up

Now fitted to all units

Now fitted to all units


Motorcycle security,Its about layering security until your happy. Your starting with the right box (also a dry environment inside the unit makes chains and padlocks much easier to use) 1.2mm galvanised steel double folded seams and bolted together with high tensile steel nuts and bolts, with the total weight being around 230 kilo 34 stone for a motorcycle unit its meaty. We can add more hinges 3 being standard however our door design on our units means even if you cut the hinges the door cant be opened outwards so a thief still has to tackle the lock to get your bike out Note: The more hinges the more of the deterrent and the would be thief is not to know he his wasting his time attacking them.

Van style anti bolt cutting locks Chosen by tradesmen and are pictured below we can supply and fit these for £45 each (Screwfix £50 five stars) Master 736EURD which are the updated European model, these locks are designed for security no other unit can carry a lock of this size for our extra thick 1.2mm galvanised steel unit its spot on.

Ground Anchors 

We have the class leading Torc 3 with 22mm thick shackles prices are including fitting

All are secured to a plate that fits underneath the bolted down wood sub floor and your bike sits on top.

They stay integral to the box they are not bolted through the steel floor into your hard standing ideal for block paving, tarmac, gravel or grass and if you don’t want to be drilling into where it sits.

Torc 3 Maxi £85 with 22 mm thick shackle 65mm clearance

Torc 3 Mega £95 with 22 mm thick shackle  80 mm clearance

If you have an existing anchor or want to pre install one of your choice that’s concreted in we can fit our unit over the top,

Bonus with the units is the chains and locks will keep clean and dry.

If you have an existing anchor or want to pre install one of your choice that’s concreted in we can fit our unit over the top,

Bonus with the units is the chains and locks will keep clean and dry.

We do not use 3 point locking, this actually is low security the door only needs to be bent to open fully, Thief’s have no qualms about destroying things. We where burgled by the use of next doors spade when an expensive PVC 3 point locking door was just popped open.

Unit below was fabricated for someone who was absolutely determined that no one was taking his ride, bare in mind you have to go through the locks even if you remove hinges the door cant be opened outwards p.s its not a standard box like all our units its made to your requirements.

Our doors are folded in such a way even cutting hinges will not allow the door to open outwards trapping motorcycles inside

But with our units being used more frequently for much lighter ebikes or tools Door chains can easily be fitted