Wooden floor / Electrics


All our units have a metal floor the Structural wooden Sub floor is an extra at £60 on 1200mm wide units and £85 on anything wider, its not simply dropped in like our competitors its bolted using special fixings this raises the quality of the unit and protects the bare metal floor from stand damage.

If left bare the metal floor would be slippery when wet or oily

OSB3 is the best form of wood to use for floors its used by everyone in the industry its relatively cheap and very strong the glue is waterproof and the strands will not “blow” (come apart). Floors  require little maintenance just re seal top if it stops to bead moisture and this will keeps the whole unit dry 

Full details below

This is made from 18mm thickness exterior OSB wood and this is bolted to the galvanised 1.2mm steel floor

OSB3 is a versatile and durable building board. Its construction is similar to that of Plywood, with opposing-orientation of wood fibres that creates rigidity and strength. OSB has superb load-bearing properties, excellent cross dimensional stability and an attractive wood patterned finish, its glue also repels insects. 80% of flat roofs now use osb


We can mount a wooden board and drill a hole in the unit which is then grommeted to prevent wire from chaffing on the steel plate your cable can then be run through.

The plug on the wire will need to be removed and refited We can’t open any electrics or install cable to your house; certified electricians are much cheaper if employed locally.

We would need notice so we can bring tools as mounting board is much better done in location